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The "powder" effect

with permanent makeup.

Ombré Eyebrows is a special shadow casting technique that is superficially shaded onto the top layer of skin. This technique is also referred to as the powder technique. The special thing about it is the gradient from dark to light. This natural color gradient pigments a naturally deceptive eyebrow, which is usually indistinguishable from natural hair. It is very important to mention that this technique is not a hair drawing (microblading), but full shading.

Ombré Eyebrows

Typically, prices are similar to traditional microblading treatments. Depending on the studio and the effort involved, this can be between 300 and 600 euros

  • Procedure: First, a preliminary drawing is made, which is discussed together. The preliminary drawing is carried out with a special pencil and concealer. After approval, an individually appropriate color is selected for the connection. After signing the approval, the pigmentation begins. The solution to natural pigmentation are ombre eyebrows.

  • Result: 1,5 - 2 years. By superficially shading the color, there is no trauma to the skin, so that perfect healing can be guaranteed. Above all, the pigment remains stable in the skin and heals positively. There is no red and no gray cast. The color pigment develops positively and becomes more and more beautiful after each further touch-up.

  • Ombré eyebrows require two treatments. The initial treatment and follow-up 4 weeks later. The skin renewal process takes an average of 28 days. The skin regenerates during this time and is not stressed by subsequent treatments.


complete kit & source of supply

The materials can directly from an international Manufacturer as a complete kit be obtained. When booking of the courses you will receive one reference address. We are neither manufacturer nor supplier. complete kit: Permanent make-up € 1250,00 plus shipping (no guarantee).



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