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optical hair thickening

Scalp pigmentation or micro hair pigmentation (MHP) is a non-invasive method of optical hair thickening. Special color pigments are applied to the scalp with different needle sizes at different angles and distribution rates restore a receding hairline, to fill up a completely bald head, to make thinned hair appear denser in diffuse hair loss or to hide scars. Micro hair pigmentation is a highly developed form of cosmetic pigmentation in terms of how it works and can best be compared to permanent make-up.


Color pigments, hair line, hair growth pattern

  • Depending on the size of the treated areas, hair pigmentation takes about 1.5 - 4.5 hours. Approximately 4 sessions are required for optimal results. Sessions are spaced about 1-2 weeks apart. After about 4-5 years the pigments will start to fade so a refresher is recommended. On this occasion there is also the possibility to adjust the pigmentation of a hair color that has changed due to age.

  • The first results are visible immediately after the micro hair pigmentation. However, the scalp is initially still slightly reddened. In addition, the pigmentation fades after a few days when the uppermost skin flakes peel off. The final result can be assessed about four weeks after the last session.

  • Usually patients do not feel any pain during hair pigmentation, only a slight pricking. This feeling usually subsides as the session progresses. The micro hair pigmentation is not comparable to an ordinary tattoo, as the pigmentation is much more delicate. So if you already have a tattoo, you'll probably find hair pigmentation much more comfortable.


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