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    • Eyebrow Marking - Chapter 01

    • Eyebrow Marking - Chapter 02

    • Eyebrow Marking - Chapter 03

    • Eyebrow Marking - Chapter 04

    • Eyebrow Marking - Chapter 05

    • Eyebrow Marking - Chapter 06

    • Eyebrow Marking - Chapter 07

    • Eyebrow Marking - Chapter 08

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    • Microblading - Chapter 01

    • Microblading - Chapter 02

    • Microblading - Chapter 03

    • Microblading - Chapter 04

    • Microblading - Chapter 05

    • Microblading - Chapter 06

    • Microblading - Chapter 07

    • Microblading - Chapter 08

    • Microblading - Chapter 09

    • Microblading - Chapter 10

    • Microblading - Chapter 11

    • Microblading - Chapter 12

    • Microblading - Consultation

for women as well as men

natural-looking densification and modeling method

Microblading is a technique that originated in Asia, in which, in contrast to conventional permanent make-up, no machine is used, but the color is applied manually to the skin. This allows individual filigree hairs to be pricked and, in contrast to permanent make-up, the result fades after around a year.

Microblading: step by step

The cost of microblading including post-treatment is around 400-600 euros.

  • The treatment starts with a detailed consultation: the type, face shape and make-up routine as well as the wishes and needs of the customer are clarified.

  • Pre-drawing: The new eyebrow shape is first measured using compasses and the app and then pre-drawn.

  • Shaping: The eyebrow is now shaped and specified using the thread technique.

  • First treatment: With the help of fine needles, the so-called blades, color pigments that match the type are worked into the eyebrows in the form of fine hairs in order to thicken or model the eyebrows. The precise and individual 3D technology enables a natural hair drawing. The treatment takes about two hours. Depending on your sensitivity, the procedure can be somewhat painful and cause a burning sensation.

  • Post-treatment: After microblading, the eye and brow area may be slightly swollen and reddened for up to 24 hours - this is normal. You should avoid the sun, sauna and solarium for up to 10 days after the treatment and treat your eyebrows with special care. About five days after the treatment, the brow may flake and itch a little.

  • Second treatment: Around 40 to 60 percent of the color pigments fade after the first microblading treatment. For this reason, the eyebrows are treated and intensified around four weeks after the first appointment. The result should now last for at least nine months and a maximum of 18 months. In some cases, a third treatment is necessary.


complete kit & source of supply

The materials can directly from an international Manufacturer as a complete kit be obtained. When booking of the courses you will receive one reference address. We are neither manufacturer nor supplier. complete kit: Microblading € 350,00 plus shipping (no guarantee).



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